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About Us

Welcome to Cameo Productions,


Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!


People always seem suprised when they learn that we photograph only weddings. Like we would get tired of them or think they are "all the same." We've never really understood that.....


Rather, we have found that every wedding is filled with so much personality and vibrance that we come away loving them all.


There is something magical about witnessing the depth of emotion between a couple as their wedding celebration unfolds. All the joy and chaos and beauty and laughter that surrounds you as you take the next step in your life is unforgettable.


We're guessing that you have both spent a good bit of time making lots and lots and lots of decisions about your wedding day. As your choices come together we know they represent you as individuals and as a couple



By photographing you and your loved ones in the unique setting you have created, we are able to provide customized alaskan wedding photography to each couple. Every guest and detail are an important part of your day. These elements always make up the foundation of our wedding day coverage.


Photography with Cameo is provided by our two primary photographers, Kim and Megan. The most important thing you could know about our style is that our work will focus around you, your celebration and how you see your day flowing. We love what we do, and, we will work to provide you a wedding day full of fun and wonderful images.



In addition to weddings, we also love , if you would like to meet and talk weddings please give us a call.


Happy Planning,


Kim & Megan

Cameo Productions


"Experience is the one thing you can't get for nothing"

Oscar Wilde